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 Product Code
Silver Triangular Murano-Like Glass Bead Necklace with Leaf-Shaped Red & Gold Stripes Murano-Like Glass Pendant.Sold Out
Available Upon Request
set002Burgundy & Gold Glass Bead Necklace & Earrings.Sold OutAvailable Upon Request
set003Aqua Glass Bead Crimped Necklace with Striped Teardrop Glass Pendant.Sold OutAvailable Upon Request
set004Genuine Peridot Glass Bead Bracelet & Necklace with One Dangler Pendant.Sold OutAvailable Upon Request
set005Genuine Agate Stones & Pink Glass Beads Necklace & Bracelet.Sold OutAvailable Upon Request
set006Navy Blue Glass Bead Necklace with Light Blue Danglers & Blue Flower Pendant & Earrings (*Matching bracelet is also available)
Available Upon Request
set007Cobalt Blue & Gold Striped Necklace & Earrings (*Matching bracelet is also available)
AvailableAvailable Upon Request
 set015Natural Multi-Color Shells Drop Necklace with Metal Chain & Earrings (*2 Types of matching bracelets are also available)
Sold OutAvailable Upon Request
set009Genuine Amethyst & Aventurine Stones on a Silver-Like Wavy Metal Necklace & Dangler Earrings.
AvailableAvailable Upon Request
set010Brown Striped Glass Bead Crimped Necklace with Teardrop Pendant & Double Dangler Earrings (* Matching bracelet is also available).Sold OutAvailable Upon Request
set011Leopard Brown Square Glass Bead necklace with Leopard Glass Pendant & Earrings.Sold OutAvailable Upon Request
set012Genuine Red Coral & Turquoise Necklace with Wire-Wrapped Turquoise Medalion & Earrings.AvailableAvailable Upon Request
set013Genuine Purple/Light Blue Swarowski Crystal Necklace with Danglers & Earrings.AvailableAvailable Upon Request
set014Multi-Color Blue/Brown/Yellow Square Glass Bead Necklace with Round Pendant & Earrings.AvailableAvailable Upon Request
set015Natural Multi-Color Dangler Shells on Metal Chain & Earrings (*Matching bracelet is also available)
Sold OutAvailable Upon Request
set016Cobalt Blue & Gold Striped Leaf Necklace with Golden Chains & Earrings (*Matching bracelet is also available)
AvailableAvailable Upon Request